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I'm Madi. I'm 19 and I will probably annoy you with my big brother blogging this summer.

Victoria is talking about how she ran into a car and fled the scene.

Derrick is sitting right there.

Cody is trying to get Zach to not nominate Christine



I love how mad Christine is that Zach refuses to play her game for her


Every time I see Christine freaking out about being nominatedĀ I think of Zach saying “What has she done?” and I just

Derrick is basically comparing Christine to Andy

Let’s hope this house sees the light

"What the fuck has Christine done for us?"-Zach

"Let’s be real Christine, you gotta do something"-Zach

"I’m not putting up Donny. No question. I’m not"- Zach

best of janelle pierzina | big brother 7: all stars


derrick expects to come out of the house and the ratings be #1 Donny, #2 Derrick and #3 Frankie


"He wants to go on the blockā€¦.Nobody does that dude." - Derrick to Cody about Zach